1. Text the amount you want to give to

2. You will receive a text to sign in or create a new account.
3. When you are creating a new account you will be asked to save a payment method to be used when giving.
4. When this is complete, you will receive a text asking to confirm the donation amount by texting the letter “Y”.
5. You will receive a thank you notification, via text and by email.


After setting up your account, the next time you would like to give, simply text the amount and you will receive a request to confirm with the letter “Y”. After replying you will receive a text that your donation was processed.


We recommend you save the number in your phone for future use.

You can text “?” to be sent helpful tips or to be sent the link to change or update your saved payment information.

You can text “STOP” to de-activate text giving from your phone.


1. Go to
2. Create a new account or if you’d like to give anonymously choose “give without an account”.
3. Select “one time” or “recurring donation”.
4. Enter your donation amount.
5. You may enter a message at the bottom of the page to submit your transaction.
6. You will receive a thank you notification, via text and by email.
7. If it is your first time donating, your card information will need to be entered. There will be an option to save this info as your default card at this point. Returning donors will be prompted for their security code for safety.
8. Click “Submit”.
9. Click “Confirm”.


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